Protect Your Lishi Investments

With the increasing amount of counterfeit Lishi tools flooding to our markets and illegal use our trademarks among unauthorized dealers, it has caused a lot of damaging effects to our Lishi  investments and diluting the valves of our products and reputation.

Mr. Li and Original Lishi Tools have jointly decided to work against these pirate activities and trademarks infringements. now Mr. Li has authorized Original Lishi Tools to carry out the following actions to protect your investments of Lishi tools. 

  • Take legal action again those business selling counterfeit tools.
  • Coordinate online platforms like eBay, Amazon…etc for trademark and copyrights infringements of Lishi tools on their platforms, these counterfeit tools will be confiscated and destroyed while offending accounts are permanently removed from their systems.
  • Investigate unauthorized use of trademarks among related businesses and take legal actions if required.

Apart from above actions Mr. Li also reviewed his China domestic tool verification systems and a new orange label is introduced to amend the frauds of current QR code systems.

Please note: these China domestic tools are intended for China local markets ONLY and are NOT covered by Original Lishi Tools or it’s dealers for services, warranty or whatsoever.

Your ongoing support of Mr. Li and Original Lishi is best encourage for us to develop new tools !
Best Regards,

ZhiQin, Li and James Chen, Original Lishi Tools