QualityThere are many imitators of the Lishi tool design, but only¬†Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s tools are guaranteed to be made of the best materials and to the very strictest of standards.

All Lishi tools are designed to give a lifetime of problem free use. By using only the highest quality stainless steel, Mr. Li insures that his tools will out last those made by the competition. Mr. Li is constantly exploring ways to improve his manufacturing process so that his tools will be the easiest to use and offer years of trouble free operation.

While it may seem that paying less for imitations of the Original Lishi designs is cost effective, in the long run how much is it worth when you have to disassemble a lock to remove a broken tool piece.

However, don’t take our word for it see what the experts have to say below.

Like with most lessons in life and locks, I have had to learn the hard way. I have purchased and used different Lishi tools over the years. I thought that a Lishi tool was a Lishi tool, but that is not so. The lesson I learned with these tools is that the Mr. Li’s Original Lishis are the best.

Tony Aguilar

Owner/Locksmith, ARC Locksmith Service, O'Fallon, Missouri USA

Original Lishi are my go-to tool when it comes to originating auto keys everytime . They’re incredibly versatile and super strong. I accidentally purchased the “other manufacturer’s” tool one time! I could tell that there was a major difference and in how they worked for making keys. As a locksmith you know that you will take every superior tool that you can employ in your tool arsenal, that is what Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s Tools are to me !

Heath Gallon

Owner/Locksmith, Austin Mobile Locksmith, Austin, Texas USA

I find that Original Lishi tools are by far the best quality and most reliable. I use my tools to perform lockouts and key generation on a daily basis and really rely on them. I have never had an issue with the tools and prefer them to any of the other methods for opening vehicles or replacing lost car keys. Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s Tools are my most prized locksmithing tool.

Steve Sacco

Owner/Locksmith, Local Locksmith, Queen Creek Arizona USA