Lishi Quality Testimonials

Tony Aguilar

Tony Aguilar is the owner of ARC Locksmith Service in O’Fallon, Missouri, USA. He strongly believes in only buying tools from authorized Original Lishi vendors as that way he is assured that they were made my Mr. Li and not an impersonator.

Tony feels that his tools were a great investment and is happy with their quality. He will never buy any other brand of Lishi tools.

Heath Gallon

Heath Gallon owns and operates Austin Mobile Locksmith, in Austin, Texas, USA. He attributes his ability to make replacement car keys quickly and easily to his decision to purchase Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s Tools. In fact, he finds that Original Lishi tools are of the highest quality and afford him the opportunity to make a lot of money in the automotive locksmithing industry.

Heath loves his Lishi tools and their lifelong ability to stand up to the most rigorous of use.

Below are a few images of Heath’s tools and their use.

Steve Sacco

Along with his wife Sharon, Steve owns and operates Local Locksmith, in Queen Creek, Arizona, USA. Steve uses his Original Lishi tools on both car lockouts and key generation. He believes that the quality of Original Lishi tools is second to none and would not trust imitators.

To quote Steve “There are no better or more affordable automotive key generation tools on the market today that will get the job done fast and accurately”.

Below are a few images of Steve’s tools and their use.