CoverageMr. Li the creator of Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s Tools, is always on the look out for new vehicle locking systems so that he can create a tool that will make working on those systems easier. While there are many different lock reading and generation tools available to the automotive locksmith, Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s Tools are the most economical and cost effective way for locksmiths to gain access to a vehicle or regenerate a lost key. Original Lishi offers a large range of tools that are usable in a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. Mr. Li’s tools are by far the best value for the most coverage that are available for today’s locksmith industry.

But, don’t take our word for it see what the experts have to say below.

The ability to properly use Mr. Li’s Original Lishi tools to pick and decode automotive locks has saved me thousands of hours over the last 4 years. I own every Lishi tool available for the U.S. market which allows me to originate keys for 98% of my market without having to disassemble anything! When properly utilized these tools will give me the proper bitting for a vehicle within 2 minutes!

Justin Suedel

Owner/Locksmith, Advanced Locksmiths of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA

At A & E Locksmiths we know time is money so that’s why we use Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s Tools. They are very user friendly and accurate. Since I got my very first FO38 back in 2012 I was hooked. Now every one of my service vans have only Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s tools picks and readers.

Amanda Davenport

Owner/Locksmith, A & E Locksmiths, Austin, Texas USA

The Locksmith Co. specializes in generating car keys from scratch and does 50-100 keys per week. All of our vans have only Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s Tools picks and readers. 2-In-1 tools are our go to tools as time is money when generating a key as fast as possible.Thanks to Original Lishi tools most cars we work on have a key generated and done or ready to program in under five minutes.

Eric Lambert

Owner/Locksmith, The Locksmith Co., Clarksville, Tennessee USA