Original Lishi Tools are the brain child of Zhi Qin Li or Mr. Li for short. These amazing tools have revolutionized the automotive locksmithing industry by making the process of pick and decoding locks much faster than other tools.

The name Lishi is translated from Chinese as meaning Li (LI) Family (shi). Mr. Li used this name as a show of respect for the family that allowed him to create his wonderful tools.

A Bit of History

Original HU66 ReaderOriginal Lishi tools originated in 2000 when Mr. Li created a reader for Volkswagen door locks. This unique tool allowed users to read wafer depths without first having to trap the wafers within the lock.

Original HU66 PickWith the success of the HU66 Reader came the introduction of the HU66 lock pick. This tool allowed users to pick the door and ignition locks of Volkswagen and combined with the HU66 reader, create replacement keys.


Enter the 2-In-1 Tool

HU162 3D Image2-In-1 Tools combine the ability of picking and decoding locks into on single useful package. With 2-In-1 tools, users can first pick and then decode lock wafer depths.

These tools are available in approximately 100 different version to correspond to the many different automotive keyways that are in use today. Each tool has its own unique high quality design which allow it to fit into the different keyway configuration of modern vehicle designs. This site contains a complete list of the tools and reference information about those tools.

High Quality Designs

Mr. Li has been a locksmith for over 30 years. This experience showed Mr. Li that it is imperative to produce tools of high quality so that they can be used for many years without replacement. Insist on Original Lishi Tools available from reputable distributors to insure that you are getting tools that are manufactured by Mr. Li.

Each tool comes with a guarantee and is made with the finest materials available. Only tools designed and manufactured by Mr. Li, are guaranteed to be Original Lishi tools.