Do Not Be Fooled by Fake Lishi Tools!

We have recently received many complaints about fake Lishi tools being sold on many online platforms, including Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon…and other dodgy suppliers, these fake tools are copied from Mr. Li’s hard work and poorly made with inferior material, some China based suppliers/traders even deceivingly claim that they original Lishi Tools dealer while selling these fake tools, these fake tools may break on your next critical job and also defeat your pride of being professional locksmiths.

Please note: Original Lishi was founded by Mr. Li in 2013 for overseas markets only and  has NO China-based dealers at all.

To help you identify these fake tools, we list 3 types of fake tools with the following blue/green labels:

Type-A:  One extra G in the URL,

Type A Fake Lishi Tool Label

Type-B: The label is 100% copied but the verification result is shown in dodgy URL.

Type B Fake Lishi Tool Label

Type-C: The label is 100% copied. The QR code does NOT show any link or verification results.

Type C Fake Lishi Tool Label

All tools bought with above green/blue labels ( no matter  fake or copied) are NOT supported or warranted by Original Lishi Tools nor it’s dealers.

All Original Lishi tools with our official verification labels (shown below) are endorsed by Mr. Li, and they are supported and warranted throughout our authorized dealers. Our authorized Original Lishi Dealers can be found by visiting:

Thank you for choosing to support ZhiQin, Li and James Chen and the Original Lishi Tools brand.