B111 2-In-1

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Key Blanks

Ilco: B106/B107/B111

Silca: B111


B111 Keyway


Buick • Cadillac • Chevrolet • General Motors
Hummer • Oldsmobile • Pontiac • Saturn • Others


This tool is used in locks that have NO keyway wards.

B111 2-In-1 Tool Usage Notes

Model Years Opening Direction Notes
Avalanche 2007-2013 CCW
Tumbler Positions:  Door: 3-10     Ignition: 2-8     Glove: 7-10
Captiva 2011-2014 UAT
Tumbler Positions:  Door: 1-8     Ignition: 1-8     Glove: 5-8

Please keep in mind that some vehicles in this model range will have locks that contain wards (small metal protrusions that ride in the groves milled into the key blade). The B106/GM37 tool is designed to work on locks that DO NOT have wards in the lock’s keyway. If the B106/GM37 2-In-1 Tool does not enter the lock, it might be because there are wards present. If this is the case, use the B111 2-In-1 tool instead.

CW – Clockwise
CCW – Counter Clockwise
UAT – Unknown at this time


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