Sargent Locks and Keys

The Sargent lock company has been in existence since the early 1800 and has positioned themselves as one of the worlds most respected lock manufacturers.

Arguably, the Sargent LA keyway designation is one of the more popular keyways that have been offered for both commercial and residential use. Because of its popularity, Original Lishi Tools has created the SAR21R (remember that tools are labeled using their Silca key blank reference numbers).

The SAR21R 2-In-1 Pick

The SAR21R is the latest tool in the Original Lishi Commercial/Residential range. It provides a way to pick and decode Sargent locks that utilize the LA keyway.

Tool Specifications

Lifters: 1
Finish: Anti-Glare
Spaces: 6
Depths: 9
Tool Family: Commercial/Residential

A Special Edition Tool

The introduction of the SAR21R tool represents a unique methodology in tool marketing. Tools made for the next two (2) years, will only be sold and marketed from Authorized Original Lishi vendors.

These tools will have the Red Verification Label only. Any tools being sold with green verification labels or no labels at all, should be considered counterfeit copies of Mr. Li’s designs.

Remember, when you buy tools from legitimate Original Lishi Vendors you are guaranteed to get tools designed and manufactured by Mr. Li. Buying Mr. Li’s tools will insure that he can continue to develop new and innovative picks and readers.