A New Wrinkle to an Old Game

There is an unauthorized company using Facebook messaging groups to convince unsuspecting Original/Mr. Li’s Tools buyers to purchase what the company claims, are real Original Lishi tools. This company purchased 134 Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s tools from an actual authorized vendor in Europe. The 134 tools purchased by the company, came with the factory installed verification labels to attest to their authenticity. The tools were then used in pictures and videos along side of knockoff versions to try to prove that buyers will be getting authentic tools made in Mr. Li’s factory.

The unauthorized company has priced these knockoffs as low as $20.00 each to attract unsuspecting buyers into purchasing tools without verification labels. The company claims that tools with verification labels can also be purchased, but their shipping times will be delayed by several days as it will take time for the company to affix the verification labels. However, currently all tools leaving the Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s Tools factory, have the verification labels pre-attached before they are shipped. This means that there should be no need for customers to wait for tool labels to be attached by a vendor. Facebook Shell Game

The serial numbers of the tools purchased by the unauthorized vendors are in the range of  M0019804-M19937. If you have purchased any tools in this serial number range, contact the vendor that sold them to you and request a refund.

Mr. Li goes to great lengths to make certain that every tool that he makes will be of the highest quality and made of the best materials. It is outrageous that unscrupulous companies try to use his good name to sell their knockoff products by seeding their stock with actual Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s tools. This practice is an insult to any person that comes into contact with it.

The best way of making certain that you are getting Original Lishi/Mr. Li’s tools that were indeed made by Mr. Li, is to only buy tools that have the verification label and then to verify the serial numbers on the label placed on the back of each tool by visiting the link below.

Click Here to Verify That Your Tools Were Made by Mr. Li